Sunday, June 14, 2009

Runner of the Week: Constance Korol

Name: Constance Korol
Location:Syosset, NY

Races She's Training for:Just finished the NYRR Mini Marathon for Women, which is a special race and was glad to be a part of the crowd who included Deena Kastor,Catherine Ndereba and 4300 other women. Currently training for the
NYRR NYC 1/2 Marathon which will be my 3rd time running the race. My goal is to tweet during the race, but I tried this running 6 miles with my iphone in hand and
added 3 min to my normal finish time. :( Local events help me train
like the LIRRC Wednesday Night Summer Series as well
as keeping up with my 2 year old Jack Russell.
Favorite Running Moment: Running my first marathon, the 2001 NYC
Marathon with my "husband to be" Michael, a 50K guy who has also
completed so many marathons he lost count. Michael trained and ran
with me the whole time, taking photos along the way. Most memorable
point was the finish, not only because of the accomplishment, but
Michael proposed to me at the finish line. :) Not only that, it was
incredibly emotional for me as a New Yorker as the race immediately
followed 9/11. The crowd cheering us on, is something I will never
Favorite mantra: Don't just watch things happen, make things happen
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Photo Credit: Michael Korol of Real Sport Images.

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