Friday, May 29, 2009

Item of the Week: Lilyette Active Motion Sportsbra

Item of the Week

Hello again and sorry for the delay. This week's item of the week is for the well-endowed chicas that are looking for support while running. It is the
Lilyette "Active Motion" Underwire Sports Bra 30C-40DDD for mid level excercise
This item is similar to the CWRX but retails for about 40% less. It comes in black or white ( though it would be nicer if there was more of a color selection)
some features:
-Encased underwire features hidden wire channel for added support and midlevel wire channel to prevent wire poking at sides.
-Inner mesh lining and center gore-so it breathes!
-Side mesh features tension release and fold-over binding provides comfort.
-Wide elastic bottom, adds support-and it wicks moisture away!
-Triple back hook-and eye-closure-more support

One of the downsides of this item is that the care label says hand wash. Now this item is just polyester and spandex, no exotic contents there. So i'm thinking it could be thrown in the cold wash and left sitting out to dry. I tend to do that with alot of my athletic clothes (tech shirts/tights)anyways because the dryer is so hard on them and they dry relatively quick.

So, some questions for readers...

Has anyone tried this item or something similar?
Would the special care deter you from buying it if you thought it provided with the support you need at a fair cost?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Event of the Week: Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon

Hellllo ladies and gents (who may be reading) We hope you all had a fabulous memorial day weekend and weather where ever you may be. This week's event is my favorite borough half out of the 5 borough challenge NYRR puts on every year. I have run it the past 3 years in a row and believe it is one of the fastest, flatest half marathon courses i've run. Though a little birdie told me, they are changing the route this year to start in Prospect Park (with 2 loops) and end on the Coney Island Boardwalk (2 mile run on the boardwalk will not be included in the 13.1 miles this year :( I will not be running it this year (have another engagement next weekend) But if anyone here runs it, please let me know how it is. I'm very interested...
details (also click title event of week, for NYRR registration page, this race may sell out midweek, so register ASAP)

COST:22 DOLLARS (NYRR members) 35 DOLLARS (nonmembers)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Runner of the Week - Amy Ballard

Name: Amy Ballard

Location: Ft. Worth, Texas

What is your most memorable running moment?
crossing the finish line after running 5 miles for the first time. I'm new to running so every race is an accomplishment

What race are you training for?
Cowtown Marathon next year. I'm moving by the trail here and am joining a running group next week. I can't wait to see how much my time and distance grows!!

What do you think is missing most from running apparel?
Support is the biggest thing for me. I'm busty and would like something that lifts and separates. Sweeting in between the ladies is not attractive. I like my body but we could all use some help here and there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Item of the week: Momentum 2 Short

( we know the pick looks like a basic boring short, black was the only pic we could find, but it comes in 5 other fun colors)

Sorry for the delay... This short I tried on last week at Lady Foot Locker and really liked it. You can also find it at Under and other major sporting goods stores that carry the line. The 2 stands for the 2" inseam on the short. If you look on the Under Amour site you can see shorts by various inseam lengths. 4" is the standard, so 2" is a shorter short. This short is a poly-elastane blend. It's lightweight and stretches to allow you movement. This is critical to me, because no one likes running shorts that look cute on the hanger, but later bunch up in all the wrong places when you run. It has a 100 percent polyester liner brief and a back pocket at the CB waist to stash keys/metrocard. Though it would give me piece of mind if the pocket had a closure on it. Retail price is $34.99

So... have any of you ladies tried this short or any of the under armour gear (tops, shorts, shoes, lately) I see they are really expanding their women's wear line this year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Event of the week: VCTC Summer Cross Country Series

Hello ladies,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This week's event is part of a 5k series (with the exception of july 2nd which is a 2X2 relay). The first race will be this Thursday May 21st. The appeal of these races are a)you don't have to get up early on a weekend or for the ambitious types, the opportunity to maybe run 2 races in week.
b)small race size-under 200 people usually,you may even win your age group
c)possibility for some dirt! yay for mud...

WHO: Van Cortland Track Club
WHAT: 5k Summer Cross Country Series
WHERE: Van Cortland Park- take #1 train to 242nd st and walk about a 1/3 of a mile north to the tortoise and hare statue
HOW MUCH: Cost is only 5 Dollars per race!!! wow, and all registration is done on race so, so you can wait until the last minute to sign up.
TIME: Races start at 7pm sharp, for all you who work in the city a tip. you can make registration in time if you leave west midtown 30s/40s by 6:10-6:15pm via the redline.

Race Schedule for 2009:
May 21
June 4
June 18
July 2 (2 x 2 mile relay)
July 16
July 30
August 13

Click on event of the week title for more details. It will direct you to the VCTC page, just scroll down about 1/3 of a page.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Runner of the Week - Erin Brumleve

Your name: Erin Brumleve

Location: Denver, CO

What is your most memorable running moment?

I have so many memorable running moments it’s hard to choose! Most recently I completed the Colorado Half Marathon. It had been a tough spring for me as both of my grandma’s recently passed away within 8 weeks of each other. The entire race I thought of my two grannies. I felt that their spirits were giving me strength to push through. About mile 5, I put on my headphones and started to pick up the pace, and was listening to Pat Benatar, “We Belong” …the sky and the mountains were just lovely that early in the morning. As I ran downhill towards the expanse of farmland, I was overcome with such love, positive energy and an intense awareness of the beauty and fragility of life that I started to cry as I was running! I channeled all of those feelings into the race and finished with my second best half marathon time.

What race are you training for (if you're not training for a race then maybe why you run?

I’m targeting the Denver Marathon in October. It will be my second full marathon. (My first was Chicago last fall.) So I run as a part of my training plan – but mostly I run because I love the structure it gives to my day. I know that the first thing I will do in the morning is get up and go. My morning run is my time to think and plan the rest of my day. Afterwards, my little runner’s high gives me energy to work hard throughout the rest of the day. Plus some of my closest and healthiest friends are runners. Every Saturday I look forward to running with my training group. Runner’s Edge of the Rockies. I run just as much for fitness as I do for friendship.

What do you think is missing most from running apparel?

Well, why do trail running shoes have the best color combinations? I saw these really great hot pink and grey running shoes the other day, but they were trails shoes, and I needed a neutral road shoe, so I couldn’t get them. So I think there needs to be road shoes with a color palette beyond whites and pastels. Also – we gals need skorts with pockets!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Item of the Week: Hydration Pack


Since we're getting into warmer weather soon, we thought we'd pick a running accessory just for fun this week. I was in target and bought this item last weekend. I had been looking for a hydration pack for long runs but, at an affordable price (some packs can be in the 100s depending the brand and features). This one seemed perfect. It's by Nalgene and retails for about 40 dollars. You can click the link for an online store (unfortunately it's not sold at Target online, go figure)

Here are some of key features:

Fuel window for bladder level
Extra wide bladder port allows ease of insertion
Insulated bladder compartment
Ergonomic back panel with perforated foam for improved ventilation
Contoured mesh shoulder straps for comfort and breathability
Adjustable sternum strap
Light clip strap
Cargo compartment 184 cubic inches

The benefits that got me were:
1) the adjustable sternum strap ( i feel very secure wearing it that it won't move around)
2)the bladder is actually very easy to remove which is great for cleaning and/if you'd like to have more storage space in the pack.

What do you ladies think? How many of you use hydration packs/belts/etc?

I've been doing long runs for a few years now, and i'm just starting to realize the benefits of running hands free (sans water bottle :0)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Event of the Week: The Melissa Fund Run

Hi Ladies,

We hope everyone had a nice weekend and a terrific Mother's Day (to all you moms, grandmas,moms-to-be) Our event for this week is one a runner friend passed on to us. She did it last year and highly recommended it.
here are the details:
Who:Melissa K Bambino Melanoma Foundation
What: Melissa Fund Sun Run (a 5K walk/run event)
Event Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009
Event Time: Race Day Registration 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Race Start: 10:00 a.m. (please arrive by 9:45 a.m. if pre-registered)
Location: New York City’s RIVERSIDE PARK @ 110th Street

Click on the event of the week title, for link to the webpage. Online registration is available until May 12th. Cost is 30 dollars (pre-reg) 35 dollars day of race.
Children under age 13 are free. They encourage runners to bring the whole family out. There are also drawings/doorprizes at the race, so get excited!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Runner of the Week: Cassandra Miller

Q:What is your most memorable running moment?

A:It could be any one of the times I've been out on a rainy night: running solo, running hard and fast, and getting very muddy. I love mud, dirt, and trails; pavement is a mere necessity of a life in the urban jungle. It could also be any number of times that I've been out running the hilly trails back home, at Rockefeller State Park with a few friends, or chasing my own shadow at any number of trail races outside the city. Running is my zen-zone / think-tank time, so sometimes I'm chattering away ideas at my friends and fellow runners and sometimes I just NEED to get out there and run hard and fast and make decisions, formulate plans, or just philosophize all on my own.

Q:What races are you training for?

A:Well... I'm your a-typical self-professed hardcore athlete... I don't make training plans (I know it's kinda crazy, but having been coached nearly to death in the past, I have found it SO much more fun this time around to just train / race on any given day how I feel and to do my absolute best to make it all FUN and very social, rather than setting goals and letting myself or anyone else down). This year though, I have had to actually sit down & fill in a calendar of my biggest & baddest events, so I can not just survive each of them, but also have a rockin' time doing each. I'll be doing the NorthFace Endurance Challenge up at Bear Mountain (though I pansied out with the 1/2 Marathon for that one), SBR Sprint Triathlon out to Bear Mountain, Ultimate XC Val Morin 50K up in Canada, Rhode Island Half-Ironman, Ironman Wisconsin, any number of NYRR races throughout the year, am organizing my own series of training marathons & triathlons, and am awaiting confirmation as an Achilles volunteer for the NYC Marathon this year (I have no interest in doing the same big-ticket Marathons more than once for myself, when I can help others & move on to new terrain for myself).

What do you think is missing in running apparel?

A:I'll slim it down to the 1st 3 that come to mind... 1st: Why do all athletic companies think that all girls love pink and fru-fru flowers?! I abhor pink. Give us more options in periwinkle, green, maroon, bright blues, etc. 2nd: Thicker waist-bands on spandex shorts & pant (I love spandex as a means of avoiding chafing, but really do not like all the thin elastic-banded ones out there that squeeze you in all the wrong places, ride up, & roll over as you run / ride, no matter how skinny or muscular you may be). 3rd: Why hasn't someone come out with a cross between a triathlon top and a running jersey? I love the bigger pockets on my tri tops for my GU, phone, keys, etc., but want it to have more wicking material that doesn't wear out as easily as the material found on my tri tops.

Quote/motto to live by:

On LIFE, I keep coming back to 2:
ONE: "20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bow-lines; sail away from the safe harbor; catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. [Be kind. Help. Love. Laugh.]" ~Mark Twain
TWO: "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

On ATHLETICISM: "Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow." ~Henry David Thoreau

Item of the week: Splits 59 Billy Run Short

Who's heard of this new company Splits 59?

These Billy Run Shorts are made with no-chafe wicking fabric and cooling mesh. The silver part of the short is also reflecting for safety during night runs.

They run for $74 on Splits 59's website:

What do you ladies think? Are they too much for a running short?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Event of the Week: Tuesday Night Speed Series

Hello everyone,

We definitely had one rainy weekend with more wet weather on the way. We had the drawing for the winner of our drawing for the spa certificate. Erin Brumleve in Denver,Colorado was the winner. Congrats Erin and thank you everyone who participated in the survey.

This week's event is actually running for 4 tuesdays in a row. So if you live or work in the NYC area, you'll have more than one opportunity to try your running skills at this track events.

Who: New York Road Runners
What: Tuesday night speed series
Distances: 1500m, 400m, 800m, 3000m, 4 x 400m relay
Where: Randall's Island, Ichan Stadium
When:6:30-7:00 p.m. Warmups
7:00-8:30 p.m. Racing
8:30-9:00 p.m. Cooldown
Cost: 10 dollar entry fee for runners-to unlimited races per meet

Please click on title link for more info and directions to Randall's Island

Friday, May 1, 2009

Runner of the week - Katie Carmona

Name: Katie Carmona

Location: Austin, TX

Most memorable running moment:
I have two memorable running moments. The first was about 2 1/2 years after I started running. It was the day I finished a 7-mile run feeling that "runner's high". I realized at that moment that I had become a real runner. Let me tell you, it is a long journey getting there. It took me over 2 years and a couple of half marathons before I got there. I really understand why so many people quit running--it just takes a long time before it becomes natural. If you stick with it, though, you'll get there. I sure did. My second memorable moment was when I completed my first marathon in June 2005. It wasn't particularly emotional for me, but it did hit me soon after I finished that all of my hard work, and great coaching I received, paid off. My coach told me I could run a marathon, meet my goal time, and not feel miserable when I finished if I trained properly. He was right.

Training/Motivation to Run:
I just finished the Tucson Marathon in December 2008 and the Zooma half in April 2009, so I'm not yet back into training for a specific race yet. I am thinking about running a marathon overseas in 2010. Until then, I will do some cross training and a couple of sprint triathlons this summer. I do usually run with a goal in mind. It keeps me motivated. A good example is when I was pregnant with my second child. When I was 7 months pregnant and not running, my husband signed me up for a half marathon 6-months post baby and a marathon 11-months post baby. Having those goals "scared" me into running 3 miles 11 weeks after my son was born and back into training for the half marathon and marathon.

Running Apprel:
I'd like to see more running skirts/skorts with a little more length than most on the market today. I especially like ones with built-in compression shorts that are about as long as a triathlon short. The Triks running skirt has a version that is made this way, but most other brands only have very short shorts underneath, which are not as comfortable and don't cover as well