Friday, May 1, 2009

Runner of the week - Katie Carmona

Name: Katie Carmona

Location: Austin, TX

Most memorable running moment:
I have two memorable running moments. The first was about 2 1/2 years after I started running. It was the day I finished a 7-mile run feeling that "runner's high". I realized at that moment that I had become a real runner. Let me tell you, it is a long journey getting there. It took me over 2 years and a couple of half marathons before I got there. I really understand why so many people quit running--it just takes a long time before it becomes natural. If you stick with it, though, you'll get there. I sure did. My second memorable moment was when I completed my first marathon in June 2005. It wasn't particularly emotional for me, but it did hit me soon after I finished that all of my hard work, and great coaching I received, paid off. My coach told me I could run a marathon, meet my goal time, and not feel miserable when I finished if I trained properly. He was right.

Training/Motivation to Run:
I just finished the Tucson Marathon in December 2008 and the Zooma half in April 2009, so I'm not yet back into training for a specific race yet. I am thinking about running a marathon overseas in 2010. Until then, I will do some cross training and a couple of sprint triathlons this summer. I do usually run with a goal in mind. It keeps me motivated. A good example is when I was pregnant with my second child. When I was 7 months pregnant and not running, my husband signed me up for a half marathon 6-months post baby and a marathon 11-months post baby. Having those goals "scared" me into running 3 miles 11 weeks after my son was born and back into training for the half marathon and marathon.

Running Apprel:
I'd like to see more running skirts/skorts with a little more length than most on the market today. I especially like ones with built-in compression shorts that are about as long as a triathlon short. The Triks running skirt has a version that is made this way, but most other brands only have very short shorts underneath, which are not as comfortable and don't cover as well

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