Sunday, May 17, 2009

Event of the week: VCTC Summer Cross Country Series

Hello ladies,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This week's event is part of a 5k series (with the exception of july 2nd which is a 2X2 relay). The first race will be this Thursday May 21st. The appeal of these races are a)you don't have to get up early on a weekend or for the ambitious types, the opportunity to maybe run 2 races in week.
b)small race size-under 200 people usually,you may even win your age group
c)possibility for some dirt! yay for mud...

WHO: Van Cortland Track Club
WHAT: 5k Summer Cross Country Series
WHERE: Van Cortland Park- take #1 train to 242nd st and walk about a 1/3 of a mile north to the tortoise and hare statue
HOW MUCH: Cost is only 5 Dollars per race!!! wow, and all registration is done on race so, so you can wait until the last minute to sign up.
TIME: Races start at 7pm sharp, for all you who work in the city a tip. you can make registration in time if you leave west midtown 30s/40s by 6:10-6:15pm via the redline.

Race Schedule for 2009:
May 21
June 4
June 18
July 2 (2 x 2 mile relay)
July 16
July 30
August 13

Click on event of the week title for more details. It will direct you to the VCTC page, just scroll down about 1/3 of a page.

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