Friday, May 15, 2009

Runner of the Week - Erin Brumleve

Your name: Erin Brumleve

Location: Denver, CO

What is your most memorable running moment?

I have so many memorable running moments it’s hard to choose! Most recently I completed the Colorado Half Marathon. It had been a tough spring for me as both of my grandma’s recently passed away within 8 weeks of each other. The entire race I thought of my two grannies. I felt that their spirits were giving me strength to push through. About mile 5, I put on my headphones and started to pick up the pace, and was listening to Pat Benatar, “We Belong” …the sky and the mountains were just lovely that early in the morning. As I ran downhill towards the expanse of farmland, I was overcome with such love, positive energy and an intense awareness of the beauty and fragility of life that I started to cry as I was running! I channeled all of those feelings into the race and finished with my second best half marathon time.

What race are you training for (if you're not training for a race then maybe why you run?

I’m targeting the Denver Marathon in October. It will be my second full marathon. (My first was Chicago last fall.) So I run as a part of my training plan – but mostly I run because I love the structure it gives to my day. I know that the first thing I will do in the morning is get up and go. My morning run is my time to think and plan the rest of my day. Afterwards, my little runner’s high gives me energy to work hard throughout the rest of the day. Plus some of my closest and healthiest friends are runners. Every Saturday I look forward to running with my training group. Runner’s Edge of the Rockies. I run just as much for fitness as I do for friendship.

What do you think is missing most from running apparel?

Well, why do trail running shoes have the best color combinations? I saw these really great hot pink and grey running shoes the other day, but they were trails shoes, and I needed a neutral road shoe, so I couldn’t get them. So I think there needs to be road shoes with a color palette beyond whites and pastels. Also – we gals need skorts with pockets!

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  1. Skort with pockets...I love the Atalanta Commitment skirt. The pockets are awesome, hold a ton without bouncing.