Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Item of the Week: Hydration Pack


Since we're getting into warmer weather soon, we thought we'd pick a running accessory just for fun this week. I was in target and bought this item last weekend. I had been looking for a hydration pack for long runs but, at an affordable price (some packs can be in the 100s depending the brand and features). This one seemed perfect. It's by Nalgene and retails for about 40 dollars. You can click the link for an online store (unfortunately it's not sold at Target online, go figure)

Here are some of key features:

Fuel window for bladder level
Extra wide bladder port allows ease of insertion
Insulated bladder compartment
Ergonomic back panel with perforated foam for improved ventilation
Contoured mesh shoulder straps for comfort and breathability
Adjustable sternum strap
Light clip strap
Cargo compartment 184 cubic inches

The benefits that got me were:
1) the adjustable sternum strap ( i feel very secure wearing it that it won't move around)
2)the bladder is actually very easy to remove which is great for cleaning and/if you'd like to have more storage space in the pack.

What do you ladies think? How many of you use hydration packs/belts/etc?

I've been doing long runs for a few years now, and i'm just starting to realize the benefits of running hands free (sans water bottle :0)

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  1. nice find! i like the "sleek" look of the nalgene hydration pack. how many litres or ounces does the bladder hold? Is there a place to clip the straw (on a strap?) so that it doesn't bounce in your face while you run? Is there anything reflective on the front and back of the pack for those post-dust/pre-dawn runs?

    my biggest concern with this hydration pack is that it lacks an easily accessible place to put keys/cell phone/metro card/gu's. While hydration packs are the most comfortable way to carry 2+ liters of water, I have yet to find a lightweight one that has a compartment that I can access while running (w/o having to stop, unclip, take the pack off, etc).

    also, i'm not sure that the window for bladder level is necessary as you can simply feel (by weight and by touch) how much water you've got left.

    And one last comment. I'm not a big fan of the giant "nalgene" logo on the back of the pack. I try to stay away from running apparel that makes me feel like a billboard for the brand!

    Personally, I'm a big fan of GoLite hydration waist belts. They make men and women's versions (and the women's version is not just a men's small!!). I have run countless hours and miles (on and off-road) with it and it doesn't bounce at all! It fits very comfortably on my waist and is clearly made for smaller (women's!) waist size and shape. Check it out:


    Also, there are many handheld water bottles out there (Nathan, Amphipod, GoLite) that are very comfortable to run with and don't require an extra firm (and exhausting) grip! I used to be opposed to running with anything in my hands but am now quite comfortable with it and have even done some long trail runs with a bottle in hand. Give them a try! You might change your mind too!