Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Item of the Week: Spyder Tank

Hello Ladies,

Happy Wednesday! This week's item is a relative new comer to the women's sportswear arena. Designer Calvin Klein has created a line called CK Performance for women which features products suited for running,cycling,walking, and yoga. This line is currently available at Macy's department stores and online at Click title for product link.

The spyder tank I found to be a good fit. It has a built-in sports bra and the body length was decent. This top comes in solid colors- light blue, charcoal, and black, as well as a funky geometric print(at Macy's stores) It retails for about 40 dollars. The criss cross strap design I thought was classy and elegant. The straps seemed to stay in place when worn, and there is little to no adjusting when putting the top on. I'm never a fan of items that look cute on the hanger, but, are a nightmare trying on. Now we would like to hear what you readers think.

Do think this would this be a good top for running? Why or why not?

1 comment:

  1. Might give you some funky tan lines but it's cute!