Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Item of the Week: Juice Pant

Happy April Fools Day ladies! Here's this week's item of the week: BlueFish Juice Pant

This week's item is one that we came across at an Equinox shop. BlueFish is a Brazilian company that is very popular in Miami. This pant can be found on their website and is selling for $79.95. You can click on the title for link to BlueFish product info.
What we thought:

1) Heavier material (higher percent of lycra) holds you in and makes your butt look fabulous!

2) Material might be too heavy and not provide enough ventilation during runs

2) Design was fun and added flare to the pant

Now we'd love to know what you ladies think! Please share your thoughts with us.

Would you run in this or do you think it's too chic?
Is the design down the side too much for a casual run in the park?


  1. personally for me, i prefer basic black for tights, no need to draw more attention i think this style would be a little too much

  2. I actually think that the design slims the draws focus to the lines of the design, making that seem like the borders of the thigh, rather than the actual borders. I could be wrong...

  3. I like the designs on the legs of the pants. My running tops tend to be boring because I'm busty and every cute top out there does not have good support. So, I love fancy pants.