Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Item of the week: CW-X Ultra support bra

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
So everyone seems to be looking for a sports bra that supports but that is also flattering.
We found the CW-X Ultra Support Bra that has received great reviews.

This is information on the bra direct from their website "Our Targeted Support Web does away with uncomfortable wire supports and excessive compression, instead utilizing mesh webbing built into the cup of the bra. Shaped like a 5-point star, the web radiates from the center of the breast and reduces the initial upward bounce experienced during high-impact activities. Rather than compressing and immobilizing the breasts, the Targeted Support Web creates a floating inner suspension system that is comfortable, yet supportive."

This bra can be found at for $74

Who has purchased the CW-X? Do you feel that it supports you?

What other sports bras do you recommend?


  1. Wow that's one expensive sports bra. My problem with sports bras is they might be comfy when you're in the store trying them on but 10 miles into a long run things can go down hill.

    Floating suspension system sounds interesting.

    I LOVED the Victoria Secret Sports Bras but they discontinued them.

  2. That bra reminds me of the bullet bras that Madonna wore during her "Blond Ambition" tour :) $74 is definitely wayyyyy overpriced.

    My go-to sports bra is by Nike-this style (the Dri-FIT Core Women's Bra in case the link does not work)-I've got 4 or 5 of those in different colors.

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  4. I *only* wear CW-X sports bras. $74.00 is not too expensive at all. Think how much you spend for a pair of pumps. I don't know about you but $74 is cheap to fight gravity and a breast lift later from bouncing.

    I am a 38D, and most other sports bras still allow for bounce for bigger breasted gals. I do not have the model pictured above (but soon will), but the model I have, nothing moves pretty much. I don't feel constricted. I LOVE that there is no underwire. I recommend CW-X to any woman.

    I have run 4 marathons, 10 half-marathons, and 2 triathlons in CW-X bras.

    If any of your readers in NYC want to try them, I am fairly certain that the More Marathon/Half-Marathon Expo has CW-X on site as a vendor. They did last year at least.

    I truly recommend their sports bras. With my running shoes, my CW-X is the most important part of my running attire.