Friday, April 3, 2009

Runner of the Week: Emily Tabak

Name: Emily Tabak

Location: New York, NY

Q:What is your most memorable running moment?

A:I'm not sure I can pick out just one moment, so here are my top three! In 2006 I decided to get back into running. I had run XC in HS but gave it up senior year. I actually hated the idea of running for awhile, and by awhile I mean 5 years! Senior year of college I realized I needed to get back into shape and decided to start pounding pavement again. I finally gained enough courage to do an NYRR race. It was pouring the day of the race, and I considered just backing out. Instead of I sucked it up and went to the race...and finished! As soon as I crossed the finished line I was hooked (again.) My other two moments involve half marathons. Last summer I ran the Nike NYC Half. Running the streets of NY with so many other runners was incredible. My sister came in from Boston to surprise me at the finish line, seeing her near the finish line with my parents helped me finish with a smile on my face. And finally my last moment doesn't really involve me so much as my friends. A few months ago we all ran the Bronx Half Marathon, it was my 4th half but their first. Getting to see and help my friends cross the finish line of their first half marathon was amazing and inspiring!

Q:What race are you training for?
A:I'm currently training for my first marathon, the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. I'm training with Team in Training. In exchange for the training, I am raising $3800 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm excited to cross the finish line and know that not only did I do something amazing for myself but also for others.

Q:What do you think is missing from running apparel?
A:"Girly" running clothing in general. I love running skirts and very feminine tops (although a lot of these have built in support which I hate!) Running doesn't make me any less feminine, but the clothing does at times. I want to look like cute while I'm running or getting brunch with the girls after a long run

To help Emily raise money for Team in Training,click the Runner of the Week title and it will direct you to her fundraising link. Good luck Emily!!

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  1. Donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and help Emily reach her goal!