Friday, April 10, 2009

Runner of the Week: Lara

Name: Lara

Location: New York, NY

Q:What is your most memorable running moment?

A: Can't pick just one, so I'll list a few top ones...the feeling of "OMG, I'm FINISHING this thing!" when approaching the finish line of both my first half-marathon (Manhattan 2004) and full marathon (NYCM 2006)...the last half-mile of the NYRR Team Championships every year where I am absolutely surrounded by cheering men on either side and feel like a rockstar...running 1st Ave in the NYC Marathon and experiencing what it feels like to be on the "other side" of what I spectated for the previous 2 years...the last 2.2 miles of both NYCM 2006 and 2008-chasing down a time goal and really digging deep to get it-the payoff of 18 weeks of training, all those miles and long runs worth it.

Q:What race are you training for?

A: I just ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler this past weekend but have nothing else on the spring racing agenda right now-will probably try and seek out some fun shorter (5K, 10K) races for the rest of the season. Come summer and fall, it's all about training to chase down a BQ at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Q:What do you think is missing in running apparel?

A: Honestly, right now I am not sure anything is missing. I love what running skirts/dresses have done for women's running fashion, as they open up so many options that weren't in running fashion 5 or so years ago. That said, only issue I ever have with running apparel is inconsistent sizing-not only from brand to brand, but even within a certain brand. And I do sometimes wish that more manufacturers would make running shorts/pants in shorter lengths-I think Nike does but not sure about any others.

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  1. Nice. I ran the cherry blossom race too. very cool