Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Race of the week: Wakely Peace Ultra

The Damn Wakely Dam Ultra (aka "Wakely Peace Ultra") is a groovy trail run through the peaceful Adirondack Park Wilderness of New York State along a remote and uninterrupted section of the Northville Placid Trial between Piseco Lake and Wakely Dam. There are no cross roads. There are no aid stations. Runners must be prepared to complete the entire 32.6 miles (52.5K) of rugged technical trail unassisted. It's just you, the trail and the company of like-minded runners.

Hey fashionable runners!!!! Have any of you every done a race this insane?

Check out the website:



  1. Silke and Ryan are doing it this weekend!

  2. No way!!!! Just read this. How did they do? Are you sad to be leaving the city??