Friday, August 7, 2009

Runner of the Week - Alisa Dunlap

What is your most memorable running moment?
I have several:
1. Running several 5k's with my Dad while I was in college.
2. Running The Apple Harvest Ramble a 10-mile race near Boston while I was in grad school. The race had a really fast crowd and I was very under trained. I eventually came in last at that race. I attribute that race to making me want to prove myself as a runner. It gave me the drive to train hard for longer distance races.
3. Completing my first marathon in San Diego in 2008. Seeing my husband at the finish line with a sign he made in the two hours he had to wait from his finish time to the time I crossed the line. I was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions.

What race are you training for?
I'm currently training for two races, the San Francisco Half Marathon and the Blue Lake Sprint Triathlon in Fairview, Oregon.

What do you think is missing most from running apparel?
I'm tall (5'11'') so I can never find running pants that are long enough, everything is a capri! Manufacturers are getting better at making tops longer but it can still be a challenge finding long tops.

Advice from Alisa:
Once you find a good sports bra, buy a bunch because you never know when it will be discontinued.
Running buddies are awesome, they push you and encourage you and help make long runs seem short.

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