Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Item of the Week - Running Skirts from RunningSkirts.com

Running Skirts from RunningSkirts.com

Thanks Alisa for letting us know about these!!!!
Company's Philosophy: Our philosophy is that fitness fashion for women should be fashionable, flattering and (most importantly) functional...Hence the inspiration for our girly-girl designs.

They run for around $48 on www.runningskirts.com

They even have one in Cheetah Print - MEOW!!!!!


  1. Yes, these are the best thing EVER!

  2. I was so pleasantly surprised when my fed ex package arrived. It was a heavy package for just a running skirt. Well not only is the skirt amazingly comfortable and attractive, the company gave a great first impression. Along with my skirt they gave me a yummy orange slice chocolate bar, lip baum, a cute totebag and electrolyte mix. Amazing! Spread the word, these gals are good!