Friday, March 27, 2009

Runner of the Week: Kate Pavlovich

Q:What is your most memoriable running moment?

A: So many memories: Slogging through the monsoon that was Grete’s Half Marathon in October 2006; running through farmland or along the Mississippi at peak bloom in Minnesota; the semi-inappropriate shouting by residents of Riker’s Island during their annual 5K; getting lost in unknown neighborhoods while exploring new places at home and abroad... my most memorable moment however is the most bittersweet: my first marathon in Washington DC, October 2007. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a steep(ish) hill the last quarter mile of a marathon is a cruel person. I thought I had trained well and wouldn’t need to worry about hitting the infamous “wall”... I really don’t remember much past mile 22, but I do recall the frustration as at least 25 people passed me on that hill to Iwo Jima. I had worn my name on my shirt and heard many distinct voices urging me onward as I tried valiantly to will one leg in front of the other, but I’ve never felt that kind of complete immobilizing physical and mental anguish before (and I had swum long distance competitively for 12 years!) After all the pain and not reaching my goal, I thought I would never run a marathon again. But these things are transient. I was so happy I got to share the experience with my Mom who had flown out to watch her oldest daughter race just as her father had done so many times, the same man who had proudly served his country in the Navy. That weekend was huge in terms of mother-daughter bonding. And overall, it taught me to truly appreciate the process of training as opposed to the end result, because seriously: who really prefers the way they feel the last 3 miles of a marathon when compared to the friendships formed and solidified during 10 or 20 mile runs?

Q:What race are you training for?

I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC on April 5th which I’m excited about just because I have so many friends running and I’ve heard the city is gorgeous. But my next big race is the inaugural Stillwater Marathon along the St. Croix river in Stillwater, Minnesota on May 24th. I’m running for my Dad, who can watch me run for the first time as he battles with his own health issues and looks to a brighter future.

Q:What do you think is missing in running apparel?

Without a doubt, a better place to store keys, metrocards, money, etc. Everyone knows my sweaty money story (straight out of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) and living in NYC means there are too many things to carry that don’t fit in the tiny pockets they stick in running shorts and tights, or are so heavy they pull the tights down! A pocket on the side or back of a sports bra would actualize what I and many others already do on a daily basis and be far more stylish.

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  1. Just found your blog via a follow request on twitter. I second that more pockets with zippers are needed!
    NYers have so much to carry on runs! We need safe secure pockets to tuck things away.