Friday, March 20, 2009

Runner of the Week: Katie Heineken

Q:What is your most memoriable running moment?
A: My most memorable experience to me was running over the Queensboro Bridge in the New York City Marathon and hearing the thunderous roar of the crowd on First Avenue. Fellow runners and teammates alike have told me about the spectators on First Avenue however hearing about it and experiencing it are two completely different things. My once tired legs sprung into action and my feet had a extra kick in their step. As I exited the bridge, turned the corner and ran onto First Ave I felt like a local celebrity waving to all her fans. This was the experience of a lifetime, this was worth every single early morning run, this truly was a "runners high."
Q:What race are you training for?
A:At the moment I am training for the Los Angeles Marathon on May 25, 2009. However, the real goal occurs next September in Berlin when I hope to put forth my fastest time yet. As my favorite motto reads, impossible is nothing.
Q:What do you think is missing in running apparel?
A:As an avid runner I feel the industry lacks funky, feminine running apparel. I would love a running top that can function from Central Park to Central Bar. In training my weekends revolve around running and I would love a cute top that could easily transition from an evening (long) run to dinner/drinks. After all, aren't runners always on the run?
Katie's Quote to live by:
Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, "Are you going to be a wimp, or are you going to be strong today?"


  1. Go Katie! You will rock those marathons!

  2. I like your "mantra"- quote to live by, Katie!

  3. I thought your favorite running moment would be blowing snot rockets on your friend Amanda during Boston 2008 ;)

  4. I think I successfully mastered the art of the "snot rocket" that marathon. Or rather I "Kung Fu Manada'd" it!