Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Fashionable Runners

Welcome Fashionable Runner

As two fashion conscious social runners from New York City we've started realizing that we're spending more times logging miles in Central Park than we are at work or even socializing with our girlfriends. Our Herve Ledger dresses and Hermes silk scarves are starting to wonder why we're reaching for our running shirts and tights more than we are for them.

After repeated trips to our local running shops trying to find that classic yet sophisticated running outfit we've started to realize it just doesn't exist. What’s a girl to do??

Solution: We've decided to launch a women’s luxury running apparel line created specifically for the fashionable runner. And we need your help! We've created this blog to generate some ideas and to figure out what you, the consumer, want. What is your favorite running apparel? What piece of running clothing can’t you live without? We all have that favorite running top we feel oh so good in, but what do you wish was out there? Now is your time to voice your opinion, to tell us what you love and what you hate. After all, running is just another way to define our fashion. We greatly appreciate all of your feedback.

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  1. I think your line will be amazing. Good economy or bad, women always want to look good and will go through great lengths to do so. However, good comes two-fold: we want something that supports as good as it looks! Feeling good in our clothes gives us a boost of confidence and serves as great motivation. Good luck!